Students were invited to Falmouth University to take part in the Live Audience Accessibility and Augmentation (LAAA) project. The project explores how innovative technology can transform live music experiences for people who are deaf.

Led by Adrian Bossey, Head of Business and Experience Design from Cornwall Business School our students were invited to experience Beat Blocks – a new bass flooring system that transforms sound into felt vibration. Watching Falmouth University students doing a live performance, this new flooring gave our students a unique experience of being able to feel a melody, rhythm and base at the same time.

Jayleigh, student and Chair of Student Council said: “This technology is amazing. I’ve never experienced anything like it before. It’s fantastic and other students have said that events having a Beat Block floor would encourage them to attend music events.”

Adrian Bossey said: “It was incredibly gratifying to see the LAAA Project come to fruition as a moving and truly thought-provoking way to consider ‘liveness’ in music performances and explore access to music for people who are deaf or disabled. It was a fantastic example of research led collaboration between staff and students across our university and with our fantastic partners.”

Deaf Rave also ran a series of DJ workshops, presented by ASONE Hub, which our students took part in. During the workshops, run by Deaf Rave Founder Troi Lee, they were given the opportunity to experience Woojer Haptic Vibrating Vests while developing DJ-ing skills and had access to AMATA music student ensemble performances, which were experienced using the haptic flooring.  

It was a fantastic opportunity for both staff and students to be involved in this ground-breaking project. We were proud to hear that the visit of our students was a highlight for many of those involved in organising the event. Thank you for inviting us.