Residential Care Worker – Tony 

Residential care worker - Tony

Tell us about yourself and how you came to work at the Deaf Academy? 

I have worked here for seven years. I previously worked in engineering. I really enjoy working here, as I am Deaf and supporting the students makes it feel like a family. Students’ sign levels and the way that they communicate with each other, are all different and always progressing. 

What do you enjoy about the job? 

I have learnt so much and continue to develop every day; even when you think that there’s nothing more to learn, there always is.

Tell us about some of the students you’ve worked with?

I particularly like supporting the students, seeing the development of their growth, their vision and what they want to achieve. I had a keyworker student, William, who wanted to be part of the Deaf rugby Wales team and by supporting him and telling him that he can do it, three years later he is playing for them. By just telling students they can do it and believing in themselves makes a huge difference to their confidence levels.  

Another student wants to be a professional chef and is now achieving this and is taking the steps to becoming one. Believing in the students and them having a positive influence is very important to them. 

What else do you enjoy about the role?

I enjoy that there are various subjects like mental health, deaf blind and many more, but to support young people and to constantly learn different aspects of care is rewarding.  

Although this role is to support students and care for them, I also enjoy supporting the staff. Some people do not have any signing background and I can support them to sign. I love the fact that we all work together, encourage one another and see each other’s strengths.

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