Pupils at an Exeter sixth form have been exploring how to communicate with Deaf people thanks to Jaz Burrows, a Communication Support Worker (CSW) at the Academy.

Our CSW team run Deaf awareness sessions at schools and colleges across the South West as part of our outreach services. Jaz is visiting The Maynard School every Friday in March.

Students at The Maynard will be able to learn about the work our CSW’s do and how they can communicate with Deaf young people and the wider Deaf community.

It’s an important part of a CSW’s role, to give Deaf awareness talks when a Deaf student joins a mainstream college as part of an Academy course, and holding peer group and tutor Deaf Awareness sessions at mainstream schools, colleges and universities.

CSWs play a vital role in the Academy supporting Deaf students in mainstream schools, colleges and universities in many different ways. Most of our CSWs have at least Level 3 British Sign Language (BSL) and some Level 6, who support deaf students in lessons and lectures.

Strategies used may take a variety of forms depending on the needs and communication preferences of the Deaf person.

A CSW can support a Deaf person by offering some or all of: BSL, Sign Supported English, Lip speaking, Note-taking and Language modification.

We offer Deaf awareness sessions to Deaf and hearing people at schools, colleges, universities and other organisations and groups.

The courses cover subjects like the causes of deafness, its consequences, how many people are Deaf or hearing impaired and how hearing people can help themselves to be understood by Deaf people.

To find out more or to book a session contact us.