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Discover Life Changing Stories

Jesse is just one of many students who has transformed since joining the Deaf Academy. Born seven weeks prematurely with multiple heart defects, Jesse was diagnosed with CHARGE syndrome at six months. Throughout his early years he faced misdiagnoses and uncertainty about his future. In 2014, Jesse’s parents Rachel and Joe decided to move to Exeter from London so he could attend the Deaf Academy. On arriving here, he was unable to walk and did not interact with others. After two months at the Academy, Jesse was walking down the corridor. Today Jesse is able to walk, run and play independently. 


Together, we fight isolation

Like many charities at this time, much of our planned fundraising has been postponed or reduced. If you are able, we need your help to ensure that, when we are able, we can open a fully equipped new Deaf Academy for our amazing Deaf students.

Thank you for your support!