This term Secondary have been improving their cycling safety and proficiency by completing the Level 1 and Level 2 Bikeability courses. The two courses give young people the skills and knowledge to cycle safely with Level 2 teaching how to remain safe on today’s roads.

Bikebailty is the national standard for cycling training run by the Department for Transport. In Level 1 students practiced their handling skills by navigating various obstacles and following marked tracks on the playground. Specific skills learnt include checking the bike before setting out, starting, stopping and pedalling with control and looking all around and behind whilst still in control of the bike.

The Level 1 training then prepared the students for the road and Level 2. Here they practiced cycling around the quieter streets near the Deaf Academy. Skills learnt here include recognising hazards, letting other road users know what they’re going to do and where to ride on the road.

Students will now have increased independence and confidence in travelling by bike whether that be to local shops in Exeter city centre or along the Exe cycle path. They will also have experienced the joys and benefits of cycling and we hope they continue to use their new found skills.