Our physiotherapy department is made up of Physiotherapist Gemma Brandon, and our Physiotherapy Assistant Lyn Shaw.

Gemma and Lyn work in collaboration with parents, Academy staff and students to assess and improve our students’ physical development and enable them to participate fully in school life. Where necessary, they liaise with other health professionals, including paediatricians, orthotists, orthopaedic surgeons, occupational therapists, and speech and language therapists.

Physiotherapy input involves an initial assessment and, where appropriate, follow up interventions such as advice, recommendations about physical activity, Rebound Therapy, access to trike riding or an individual exercise program which can be for completion at home or during school. We can also make onward referrals to services like orthotics. We can contribute advice on seating, mobility aids and other specialist equipment.

Referral to the physiotherapist can be made through Jane Shann, or by any health professional, school staff member, parents or self-referral by students themselves.

Parents can raise concerns directly by contacting Jane Shann or Lyn Shaw at school.

​Here is our brief description of physiotherapy to go on the wall for students to see next to our photos (if we have not got the right style of description, let me know. We thought a list was the clearest way to write something for students):
Physiotherapy can help with:
  • reducing pain
  • strengthening muscles
  • improving fitness
  • improving posture
  • accessing sport and activities
  • advice on footwear