Recently our students realised we were getting through quite a few plastic cups at lunchtimes and breaktimes. They were concerned about the impact this would have on the environment, and how wasteful it was.

Student Council discussed the matter and suggested that everyone should have an official school water bottle to fill up and use throughout the day. We all thought this was a great idea, and decided to have a vote about which bottle we thought was best.

We considered a few different styles, but in the end our students chose a ‘jogger’ style bottle – this is handy for use while playing sports, and we can also sign whilst holding them.

Thanks to a generous donation from The Savile Row Company we were able to order enough bottles for everyone at the Academy to have one, and they can be personalised with each student’s name to avoid mix ups!

Everyone is really happy with their new bottles, and even happier to be reducing our plastic usage and doing our part to save the planet!