Since returning from the Christmas break, the students have been finishing off making their puppets in Forest School. This has seen their puppets go from being just heads, to finished puppets with fully painted faces, body and arms. Each student was able to pick their own clothing for their puppet, and one student had to make a tail and claw to complete his dinosaur.

The next task that the class will be doing in Forest School will be to make and decorate fish for their Under the Sea topic. The students started by drawing pictures of sea creatures in class and picked the best one. The winner was the turtle, so students got to work on making one, first drawing it on wood to cut out. They then had to decorate the shell of the turtle using CDs to recreate the shape.

The Primary class have also started having PE lessons with the college Sports Leaders, who are delivering lessons to gain experience in coaching and teaching PE. So far the class have learned about basketball, followed by football skills lessons. After a warm up, the football lessons have seen the students practice their dribbling, passing and heading skills. Each session ends with a mini-game, to put the new skills learned into practice.