Post 16 Careers (16-18)

In post 16, our students will be learning core subjects such as BSL, English and maths, which will be helpful for your future careers.

We offer qualifications from Entry level to Level 2 in all subjects, and for BSL, we also do Level 3.

We also offer Enterprise and Careers lessons which are helpful for them to learn the necessary skills they need. This is useful as they will learn how to sell and make a profit from the enterprise items.

Within careers, the students will learn how to find a job, write CVs and interview practices.

In our Deafhood lesson, they will learn more about their Deaf culture and why they should be proud of their Deaf identity.

Throughout the two years of Post 16, they will develop confidence in yourself and know what you would like to achieve in the future through the life of college at the Deaf Academy.

The more they build confidence, the more they can move to Post 19.