College Term Dates

Summer Term 2021

Start Date – Monday 19th April 2021

Long weekend (Bank Holiday) – All back Monday 3rd May at 5pm

Break for Half Term – Friday 28th May 2021

Restart – Monday 7th June 2021 (College residence opens at 5:00pm Sunday 6th)

End of term – Wednesday 14th July 2021

Staff Inset Days (non-student days) Thursday 22nd July 2021

Autumn Term 2021

Start Date – Wednesday 8th September

Break for Half Term – Friday 22nd October

Restart – Tuesday 2nd November

End of Term – Friday 17th December

Staff Inset Days (non-student days) Tuesday 7th September; Monday 1st November

Spring Term 2022

Start Date – Wednesday 5th January

Break for Half Term – Friday 18th February

Restart – Monday 28th February

End of Term – Friday 8th April

Staff Insert Days (non-student days) – Tuesday 4th January

Summer Term 2022

Start Date – Tuesday 26th April

Long weekend (Bank Holiday) – 2nd May

Break for Half Term – Friday 27th May

Restart – Monday 6th June

End of Term – Tuesday 26th July

Staff Insert Days (non-student days) – Monday 25th April; Wednesday 27th April

Covid-19 Update

Please be aware, term dates might differ during the pandemic. We will always notify you by email if there are any changes. If you have any questions regarding attendance, please contact reception. 

Home Weekends (residential students)

 Friday 25th June – Sunday 27th June 2021 (College residence opens at 5:00pm Sunday)

Friday 1st Ocober – Sunday 3rd October 2021

Friday 26th November – Sunday 28th November 2021

Friday 28th January – Sunday 30th January 2022

Friday 18th March – Sunday 20th March 2022

Friday 13th May – Sunday 15th May 2022

Friday 1st July – Sunday 3rd July 2022

Parent Meetings

 Progress Review Meeting and Summer Celebration  Wednesday 21st July 2021

Parent Forum – Friday 22nd October 2021

Progress review meeting and Christmas celebration – Friday 17th December 2021

Parent Forum – Friday 18th February 2022

 Progress review meeting day – Friday 8th April 2022