With the London Marathon (26 miles) being cancelled last weekend the UK wide fundraising challenge to do 2.6 ‘something’ was taken on by a couple of our intrepid supporters.

Clare Turner, HR Assistant at the Deaf Academy, joined together with running friends to complete a ‘virtual baton’ relay.

Clare says “Every year I travel up to watch the London Marathon with friends from my running club so this year we decided to still do something together to mark the event. We had 16 walkers/runners taking part who each ran who walked 2.6 miles into their permitted exercise on Sunday. Once completed they sent a photo to the next person in the ‘relay’. It was great fun and lovely to still be able to do something ‘together’.”

The group started their challenge at 7am with the last walker crossing the line at 3.51pm. They even had someone walking the 2.6 miles round their house and garden as they are a shielded patient.

In a less ‘active’ challenge Ike Green, Marketing Assistant at the Deaf Academy, decided to challenge her taste-buds instead, eating 26 limes in one go.

Ike says “I wanted to do something to support the 2.6 challenge and exercise is not really my thing but food is. I’m not quite sure why I came up with limes but by number 20 my tongue was most definitely tingling! I am just pleased to be able to do my own challenge to support the Deaf Academy and raise whatever we can to support the amazing Deaf students.”

Money raised for the Deaf Academy will help fully equip the amazing new Academy buildings in Exmouth. Whilst there has been a delay in opening this facility due to the current situation, the Academy hopes to open the new doors to students as soon as they are able.

Sarah Shaw, Fundraising Manager at the Deaf Academy, says “It’s great to get the team involved in this challenge and to see some of their inventive ‘lock down’ ideas. The Academy’s priority has been our students and more than ever we need to ensure we can provide a fully equipped Academy for them, when we are able. Thank you to everyone who took part and who continues to support us.”

The Deaf Academy are holding their ‘Virtual Colour Bomb’ during Deaf Awareness week, 4-10th March so why not get colourful and take part to spread some positivity?