During Activities Week, a group of students from across School and College went sailing with the Island Trust.

The Island Trust is a charity dedicated to helping young people get out on the water and try sailing. Based in the South West, they run three traditional gaff-rigged sailing vessels. Our young learners sailed out from Plymouth aboard the Pegasus for a 5 day sea-faring adventure.

Sunday 9 July

Our group set off from Plymouth under the guidance of Captain Pete French and First Mate James Stevenson. We travelled from Plymouth to Salcombe under sail, with sunny weather and fair winds. We started our Royal Yacht Association course by learning the areas of the boat – e.g. the bow, stern etc. and the names of the sails – topsail, mainsail etc.

Monday 10 July

We sailed from Salcombe to Dartmouth under sail and some engine. Once at Salcombe we had beach leave – we played football and rounders, and unfortunately CSW Ben hurt his leg! We continued our YA course with some important sea safety. (And someone blocked the boat’s toilet… oops!)

Tuesday 11 July

Today we had shore leave in Dartmouth where we restocked at the shops while Ben popped to hospital to have his leg checked. The weather was fair with some rain, and we sailed to Brixham with some swells and rough sea. At Brixham we had shore leave and went fishing. Today’s learning was: planning and charting a course, and tying reef knots and a bow line. 

Wednesday 12 July

Today we sailed from Brixham to Hope Cove, where we had a BBQ on the beach and toasted marshmallows (also First Mate James fixed the toilet). The weather was sunny and winds were good. We learned how to steer a course at sea.

Thursday 13 July

We sailed from Hope Cove to Burgh Island, then back to Plymouth. We enjoyed warm and sunny weather, and then a celebratory coca Cola once we reached land.

Friday 14 July

We passed! Everybody achieved their RYA certificate in ‘Start Yachting’.