Our philosophy – Knowing and growing every learner

Rich Language Acquisition

At the academy you will be surrounded by staff and students using British Sign Language, English and Sign Supported English. We will develop your communication skills to ensure you feel confident to communicate with everyone! We will teach you in the language of your choice and you can swap and choose throughout your time here.  Your lessons will help you develop your literacy and language skills. 


Empowering knowledge and skills

We believe in knowing and growing every learner. We will focus on your life goals and the skills you would like to learn. Teachers will ask you deep and meaningful questions to help you understand. We will help you be passionate about your learning. 


Collaborative approach

Staff work together to help your development. Teachers, care staff,  and the therapy team all collaborate to ensure we help you achieve your goals in school and your life goals. Teachers design lessons to help you achieve and feel inspired. 


Strong identity

We will encourage you to be curious about the world and your place within it. Your personal journey of discovery is very important to us. When you leave the Academy, you will leave as a proud Deaf young person, aware of your role in the world. Deaf Academy staff are proud Deaf role models. They would like you to achieve your career aspirations, much like they have done themselves! 



We expect students to have high expectations of themselves. Your independent Learning Plan (ILP) is designed to help you reach your potential. Teachers will work with you to achieve your targets and ensure you’re constantly growing your skills. 



We will encourage you to be independent. We will encourage you to keep trying, even if you fail until you achieve your goals. We want you to be resilient and will give you lots of opportunities to learn independently. We will help you nurture your personality and teach you to be responsible, empathetic, confident and aspirational.