The students in the Pathfinders class have been taking part in work experience in a variety of places.

Pathfinders prepares Deaf Academy students for their next steps into adulthood and enables them to make a successful transition to supported living and/or supported employment. In Pathfinders, students have the opportunity to develop key life skills, such as supported living and work experience.

So far, the students have been to Hill Top Riding school and completed jobs such as yard sweeping, collecting hay for the horses and ponies, grooming and safely exercising them.

A student uses a brush to sweep up hay in a courtyard where the horse stables are
One student tips the contents from a wheel barrow into a pile of hay.

Some students have also been working in the Academy kitchen, preparing food and serving drinks.

One student has a placement in the Open Door centre working as a serving assistant.

Alongside working in the Deaf Academy kitchen, one student also works in the Sue Ryder charity shop.

One other Pathfinder student delivers the Exmouth Journal, and helps complete recycling projects at the Academy.

A student wearing a high visibility jacket posts a letter through the letterbox of a front door

Finally, we have a student who works as a nurse’s assistant at the Academy also!

We are immensely proud of our Pathfinders students, all of whom work hard each week learning new skills and building their confidence.