Have you ever wanted to do a skydive, but were too scared to sign up? We spoke to Claire and Nicky who work at Hair@theAcademy here at the Deaf Academy, and are both going to be jumping to fundraise for us next month.

Claire signed up for the skydive as she said to herself that to mark her 30th birthday she would take up every challenge thrown at her – but she is terrified of heights!

‘My family think I’m mad to do it,’ says Claire, ‘except my kids who are actually quite jealous.’

Skydiving has always been on Nicky’s bucket list, and she has even gone as far as signing up before, but the jump was cancelled at the last minute due to bad weather.

She says ‘My inspiration is a 65-year-old client who was scared of flying but still managed to skydive… Whenever I feel nervous I think of her.’

Claire has worked at Hair@theAcademy for the past three years, as a Hairdressing Teacher. She decided to skydive for the Academy after working with the students and seeing the opportunities they are offered here. ‘Working here, meeting the Deaf learners and seeing how they rely on the Academy is what made me want to fundraise,’ she said.

Similarly, Nicky, who owns the Hair Boutique in Exeter, says the Deaf Academy is ‘close to her heart’; ‘I love working with young people and really enjoy volunteering here.’

So the big question – who’s going to jump first on the day? ‘Me. I want to get it over with,’ says Claire. ‘Nicky’s much braver than me!’

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Nicky and Claire will be skydiving with Skydive Buzz at Dunkeswell Airfield in Honiton, Devon. If you think you’ve got what it takes to skydive for us and raise money for charity, find out more and enquire here. Our next skydiving date will be Saturday 9 September.