My Story

I was born with Deaf with Complex needs. I had a difficult time in education and as I got older and was excluded from many schools. When I was about 5/6 my behaviour was hard for others to manage and keep me calm and safe. When I was 7, I spent months in hospital which was hard for me and my Mum. I then went onto stay in several different residential care/education placements, which sadly broke down.

The hardest part of this was living far away from home and not being with my Mum and brothers and sister. I was then out of education for 4 years. I was looked after by people who didn’t sign which I found hard because I am Deaf and communicate using British Sign Language (BSL). 

In 2023 My social worker then asked the Deaf Academy if I could go to school there and live in their children’s home. 

It is there (Rolle House) we met the most amazing team who were prepared to give my son the opportunity of a lifetime. The home took care to provide him with a 10-month transition process to ensure the move had the best chance of success.

I am so happy he is at Rolle House which is homely. The day he moved in he took all his home comforts with him. Staff there are superheroes without capes. It felt like we were being welcomed into a family.

What has been so important is how they all maintain family relationships for him, with me and his siblings and extended family and friends.

You have given me hope that I can see my son will have a bright and positive future.

Tash, mum

I moved into the home in February 2024, and I am really happy in the home. I like the staff they are good and there are two nice boys who live in the home too.

I get to enjoy my hobbies and my trampolining and Sarah is like my second Mum. I like walking to school and living near the beach. I want to stay at the home until I am 18 and want to stay at the Academy until I am 25!

Young person at Rolle House