Mount Radford Lawn

Feasibility Study Launched for Mount Radford Lawn in Exeter

The Deaf Academy is delighted to announce plans for a comprehensive feasibility study for Mount Radford Lawn in Exeter – to potentially be transformed into a multi-functioning, multi-use space that meets the needs of the wide-ranging community.

Mount Radford Lawn is an unused parcel of Urban Green Space in St Leonards, Exeter, which is owned by the Deaf Academy.

The Academy relocated from its Topsham Road site (adjacent to Mount Radford Lawn) to Exmouth in 2020. However, it remains extremely proud of its extensive history and continued roots with the city, dating back to 1826. It also has a considerable alumni of former staff and students living in Exeter.

It is now researching how it could create both a permanent legacy as a long-standing provider of Deaf education, as well as an attractive, vibrant and sustainable community space.

This project will tie in with the Academy’s plans for its Bicentennial celebrations in 2026. It will have an emphasis on celebrating the Deaf community, Deaf culture and Deaf identity. It will also focus on the Academy’s priorities for supporting inclusion, education, special education needs and British Sign Language.

The Academy has now commissioned an independent professional who has expertise in this field of work; having helped establish the successful Park Life community space in Exeter’s Heavitree Park. He will liaise with key stakeholders, build a community around the project and recommend a way forward.

This will take place from March to May 2024. A Feasibility Report will then be produced in June 2024 with key recommendations for the future of Mount Radford Lawn.

Anyone wishing to engage in this feasibility study can email, stating your interest.


This web page serves as a public timeline and will be kept updated at each stage in this project’s progress.

The Deaf Academy was formerly called Exeter Royal Academy for Deaf Education and is a registered charity. The charity is led by a highly experienced and skilled Board of Trustees which drives organisational change.

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