It’s been another successful World’s Biggest Coffee Morning for Exeter Deaf Academy, raising money for Macmillan through their annual event. Students and staff worked hard all week preparing a delicious spread of cakes and biscuits – a real favourite was the rainbow cake with different coloured layers made by Primary.

Students were creative in encouraging people to give by manning a raffle stall with prizes donated by students’ friends and family. There was a competition to guess the amount of spots on a cake and pupils made sure every office had been visited by the collection tin.

Staff were also pleased as, on the day, Costa provided a great cup of coffee for the teachers’ break. We would like to say a huge thanks to Costa for their support.

An official total is yet to be reached, as some draws and raffles are still to be concluded, but the students can be proud as we know they have raised in excess of £300 for Macmillan! Well done to everyone, especially organiser Academy audiologist Helen Maiden, as it was a fantastic Academy wide event.

What our students thought

English translation:

‘Fundraising for cancer charities is really important, it helps to improve the research they do. To raise money here at school we sold cakes to staff and students. The money raised will go towards more research to help cure cancer in the future.’

‘Today we all brought cakes to sell, to raise money for charities researching cancer. The cakes were delicious! Hopefully we have helped in the fight to beat cancer.’

‘I really enjoyed helping with the cake sales and to raise money for charity. I feel very proud to be involved’

Christian and Lewis:
C: ‘Hi, so why are you here today?’
L: ‘Well I heard people talking about the event so thought I’d come along and have a look. It’s great, there are so many cakes and lots of different drinks to choose from. I like it, it’s really nice.
C: ‘So where do the proceeds go?’
L: I’m not 100% sure but I think it goes to a cancer charity to help raise awareness. Also I think it’s a great way to socialise with people and friends as well.’
C:‘So hopefully a cure for cancer can be found’
L:Oh I hope so, I’d like to think in the future they will’

Jade and Kenny:
K:‘It’s really nice to be invited here for a cup of tea’
J: ‘Yes and the cake is beautiful’
K: ‘It’s great that all the money goes to charity’
J: ‘Yes I think it’s a really nice thing to do’
K: I did the same thing last year, helping out here’
J: ‘It’s really nice’

Helen and Aiden:
A: ‘So can you tell me what today is in aid of?’
H: ‘Well we want to raise money for a cancer charity. A while back I lost my mum to cancer so I wanted to raise money for the hospitals and research that goes into cancer’
A: ‘That’s a lovely idea’