School Curriculum

Foundation learning (ages 5-14)

Our foundation learning students have a fully differentiated curriculum, which is matched to the needs of each individual. 

This pathway immerses students in classroom learning combined with lessons in daily living skills and travel within the community. We focus on developing expressive and receptive language and communication, and we aim to maximise independence whilst raising greater awareness of themselves and their wider world.


Core and alternative provision (ages 14-16)

Our core provision stays focused on our values of language development, numeracy and literacy by ensuring every student has regular direct teaching of English, Maths and BSL/Deaf Studies.

We then work to facilitate each child in exploring their personal learning interests. This currently includes art and photography, catering, IT, mechanics, drama and hairdressing. IT is embedded throughout all subjects, and at Key Stage 4 students have the option to undertake Functional Skills qualifications.

We aim to engage our learners to know themselves as young Deaf people and develop their understanding of their place in the world.