We’re delighted to announce our new Student Council Chair, Jayleigh and Vice Student Council Chair, Ethan who were appointed to their roles by fellow students.

Having these roles is so important, as it means their peers can have someone familiar they can turn to, engage with, and raise any concerns they may have which can be taken to and discussed at Student Council meetings.

Asking Jayleigh why she wanted to be Chair she said: “Last year I watched some students struggle and I wanted to help and lessen the barriers to support them. Being the Chair has meant I am able to help and encourage them and also get them involved in the activities and campaigns we organise.”

Deb Thomas, English Teacher and Lead of Expressive Arts said: “Jayleigh is a wonderful positive role model and in class she helps the other students when they are stuck. I am very impressed. She is always willing to help other students and put their needs before her own.”

One recent success from Student Council that Ethan, Vice Chair, wanted to share was: “I highlighted the lack of mirrors in the student toilets which was causing unnecessary stress to my fellow students. I took the initiative and emailed the Academy Estates Team thinking I may not get a response. Next thing I knew the mirrors had been fitted which made students very happy.”

We also asked other students on the council why they wanted to be involved:

Katie said, “Any mental health issues can be discussed.”

Hugh also suggested that he “joined due to previous experience.”

Ethan, Vice Chair, added, “It’s good for development and good experience.”

It was lovely hearing all the reasons why they want to be involved which creates a strong and inclusive environment for all the college students.