At Exeter Deaf Academy we believe in experiential learning. As part of the Key Stage 4 science curriculum students learn about how energy and electricity is generated and how generators and turbines work. Staff decided what better way to learn about this than to see electricity production in action, so a trip to Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station, Somerset was planned for Friday 2nd October.

The first stop on the tour of the nuclear plant was to the EDF Visitor Centre to have a safety talk and look at the interactive educational tools about electricity. The students and staff then took a 30 minute drive to Hinkley Point Power Station B where they went through security and received a safety helmet, visitors badge, ear protection and high visibility vest. The Station Guide gave a talk about the history of Hinkley Point A, B and the new forthcoming station C.

Next, students got to tour the generators and turbines which were generating 540MW, as much as 1500 wind turbines! The noise and vibrations were amazing. Then on the 10th floor the Station Guide gave a talk about nuclear power and safety inspections. The students got to see where the nuclear rods were kept and the Green Charging Machine which removes the rods, itself weighing 650 tonnes!

On return to Exeter Deaf Academy the students and staff commented on what a fantastic educational trip it was. We then received a message from the Station Guide saying, “Please let your students know they were a real credit to the Academy. The questions that they were asking were great and we very much enjoyed taking them around the station.” We’d like to thank Hinkley Point for their hospitality and the fantastic educational experience they have allowed our students to have.