Hair @The Academy is a training salon housed here at Exeter Deaf Academy, which offers hair and beauty qualifications and traineeships to young people. This year, 18-year-old deaf college student Heidi has been coming to the salon to build up her confidence and learn new hairdressing skills.

Hair @The Academy founder Mary says:

‘We are delighted with the progress Heidi has made working in the salon. In the beginning she was hesitant about coming in and engaging with the other learners, but she now arrives at the salon with a huge smile on her face ready to begin work.’

Heidi has gone from only working on a block to working with other learners, and now allowing staff to style her hair or styling her hair herself.

Heidi is supported by her TA Janet – having Janet’s support allows Heidi to have conversations with the other students. As a result she doesn’t feel isolated and now has some blossoming friendships!