Exeter Deaf Academy students who are training at Hair@theAcademy E2E (Education to Employment) have been making fantastic progress on their courses. Joel G and Benjamin are currently enrolled on the VTCT Level 2 Diploma in Women’s and Men’s Hairdressing. This qualification aims to give student’s the knowledge, understanding and skills to prepare for employment as a junior unisex hairdresser/stylist.

Recently Joel and Benjamin had their commercial assessment in dressing hair, which required them to set and finish long hair within a commercially set time of 45 minutes. Both Joel and Benjamin passed with teacher, Mary, commenting on how impressed she was with them both. Completing this assessment is a big step for the boys on the journey to becoming qualified hairdressers.

Abigail C is also progressing well in her Level 1 Introduction to Hair and Beauty particularly in blow drying hair.

These achievements are down to the commitment and enthusiasm of these students. Abigail, Benjamin and Joel are all an integral part of the hairdressing group, which is comprised of both Deaf and hearing students. The invaluable support of the Deaf Academy’s Teaching Assistant, Jayne Moore-Brazil, and CSW, Ben Iremonger, does not go unnoticed. Teacher, Mary, is confident that the Deaf Academy students’ learning journeys are much smoother with the guidance of both Jayne and Ben.

At the end of each session Joel and Benjamin also get the chance to become teachers as they lead a session in Understanding Sign (US). This involves Joel and Benjamin teaching the hearing students some basic British Sign Language (BSL) and increasing their deaf awareness. These end of class sessions are enjoyed by all students and demonstrates reverse inclusion at its very best.