Thank you

We believe that Deaf children and young people deserve the best possible education and opportunities. With your support there is no limit to their ambitions.

Are you feeling ready to dust off those running shoes? Perhaps you’re a star baker, or you fancy skydiving out of a plane…?

Whether you’ve already got your sights set on a fundraising challenge, or need some inspiration and ideas, we are here to help. Every penny you raise will go towards changing young Deaf lives. Read through some different ways to get involved below, take a look at our list of events, download materials, or contact the team for a chat and our support


Every Penny Helps

As a charity and non-maintained special school we rely on voluntary donations from people just like you. Helping to provide the learning environment, specialist equipment and opportunities our amazing Deaf students need to thrive. Whether you raise £5 or £500 every penny helps, and will be used to support our Deaf students, wherever the need is greatest. Thank you.

“My son’s life changed from black and white to glorious technicolour. 
- Parent

Ways to get involved


Take part in an Event

Whether it’s a run, walk, cycle or skydive there are plenty of events out there to get involved in. Search for an event at


Celebrate a Special Occasion

Whether it’s your birthday, anniversary or just an excuse to have a party. Previous supporters have had great success setting up a donate button on Facebook or a Just Giving page.


Host a Cake & a Cuppa

Cake is always a winner. Host your own, get friends and family together and find out who is star baker.


Dress Down Day

Organise a dress down day at work or school, come in your casual clothes, wear a themed jumper or dress up for the day and make a donation.


Organise a Sports Match

Do you belong to a sports club? Organise a charity cricket, football, tennis or darts match. A great way to have some fun with friends and you could include a raffle or cake bake! 

Do a Supermarket Collection

Ask your local supermarket for permission to hold a bucket collection. Recruit some friends and family to help and we can provide you with buckets and information.

Shave your Head or Beard

Brave the cold and clip those locks! Get sponsored for the deed and even organise a mini party at your local hairdressers so people can come and watch – a leg wax is a great alternative.


Give Something Up – for a week or a month

Give something up for a day week or month and get sponsored for it. Screen time, TV, smoking or drinking… what would your friends and family sponsor you to give up?

Hold a Sweepstake

Hold a sweepstake at work or with friends. Choose a topic – anything from the football results, Grand National, new baby weight, or sweets in a jar.

Turn your Voice Off

The Deaf students at the Academy face communication challenges every day. Why not turn your voice off for the day, get sponsored, and see how else you might be able to communicate (text, mime, hand signals, writing)?

Planning an Event

 If you want to organise an event to support the Deaf Academy read up on our checklist and top tips to help make it a real success!

Keeping it Safe and Legal

We want to provide all of the support and guidance to make your fundraising a great success. So before you start, please check these guidelines.


We’re here to help

However you want to get involved, the team at the Deaf Academy are here to help.

You can download a sponsor form, and we have collection cans and balloons available. It’s also a good idea to promote your fundraising so you can also use the template poster and send a press release to your local newspaper, along with a photo to help get it published.


Gift Aid it – Add an extra 25%!

Gift Aid costs you nothing but allows the Deaf Academy to increase the value of your donation by an extra 25p for every £1 donated. If your supporters are UK taxpayers then please encourage them to complete the Gift Aid declaration on your sponsor form or online giving page.


Fundraising Online

It’s easy to fundraising online through setting up your very own Just Giving page or adding a donate button to a Facebook post. You can quickly personalise your page, email the link to friends and family and share your page on social media.

Top online fundraising tips

  • Make sure you tell a good story on your page about what you are doing and why you are doing it, and keep your story updated.
  • Personalise your page and add photos and videos.
  • Ask a good supporter to start off your fundraising by giving a generous donation online- other visitors will often look at previous donations and match the amount.

Paying in your Fundraising

Online payments: You can pay in your fundraising online by visiting thedeafacademy/donate. It’s quick, easy and secure. Please do make sure to tell us why you are making the donation. Any monies raised through JustGiving, Facebook or Instagram will automatically be paid to the Deaf Academy.

Cheque: Send a cheque made payable to The Deaf Academy to The Fundraising Team, The Deaf Academy, 1 Douglas Avenue, Exmouth, EX8 2AU. Please do not send cash in the post and do make sure to tell us why you are making the donation so that we can thank you properly.