Students from the Deaf Academy have marched to Exmouth town centre in solidarity with the Deaf community campaigning outside Parliament.

Campaigners are calling for legal protection for British Sign Language (BSL), hoping that its passing will see life for the Deaf community become more inclusive and accessible.

The British Sign Language Bill, a Private Member’s Bill introduced by Labour MP Rosie Cooper, will be a big step forward for the Deaf community if passed.

It would see the launch of an advisory board of BSL users to offer guidance to the Department for Work and Pensions, examine how the DWP can increase the number of BSL interpreters and ensure the Access to Work scheme better meets the needs of BSL users.

Students at the Deaf Academy in Exmouth made their own banners and were accompanied by staff on their peaceful protest to the town centre on Friday, January 28.

Speaking on Friday, assistant principal Mark Stocks said: “The reason we are here today is because all of our students and staff at the Academy are fighting for the equality of BSL and English.

“We hope today the government pass the second bill of the BSL Act, and we will see English and BSL as equals.”


Student voice

Deaf Academy students will be showing their support for the third reading on the 18th of March. The school will be rallying in Exmouth, so all age groups can show their support. A selection of college students will also be attending the rally outside parliament.


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