Plans are set for Exmouth’s newest school, the Deaf Academy, to open its doors to students in September 2020 – despite the setbacks caused by coronavirus.

And students who are looked after through the Academy’s children’s home – which provides 52-week provision for children in care – also have a brand-new home thanks to support from Exeter-based property company Eagle One.

Previously known as Progress House, the home provides 52-week residential provision for Deaf young people in care. After confirming the move to Exmouth, the Academy was struggling to find a suitable building in the town to move to from the existing children’s home, a three-bedroom detached property in Exeter, when property company Eagle One stepped in to help.

The Exeter-based firm has a close connection to Exmouth, having developed the successful Exmouth Quay project. Additionally, Blue Cedar Homes, a group company, is shortly to develop the former Rolle College Playing Fields. When Eagle One became aware of the Deaf Academy’s wish to acquire a property for their Children’s Home, the company was delighted to be able to step in and assist.  A suitable house in Exmouth was identified and the acquisition was achieved within a month of the first discussions, as the Academy were extremely keen not to lose the opportunity to have such an appropriate building located in an ideal location. Eagle One has granted a long lease to the Deaf Academy to ensure that the home is available for the long term.

Nick Hole, Director of Eagle One said: ‘We were absolutely delighted to be able to assist such an exceptionally worthwhile cause. The acquisition will enable the Academy to accommodate children who require an intensive amount of assistance and support and will now be available in time for the opening of the Exmouth facility.’

 In fact, the new home, named Rolle House in honour of the former Rolle College, was ready in time for its young people and staff to move in just before lockdown. Its new residents are delighted with it – Vicky James, Registered Manager of Rolle House said: ‘We’re so grateful to Eagle One for enabling us to provide our young people with such an amazing, homely environment. With their help we now have the perfect home in Exmouth, and we haven’t had to compromise on anything. The young people we work with deserve the best, and this home really does tick all the boxes.’

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