Identity and culture are at the heart of a community. Here at Rolle House, our links to the Deaf Academy and the Deaf community are foundations for our young people to build a sense of their Deaf identity and be immersed in it. Having social bonds with others that one can communicate with, allows reciprocal relationships to form and lifelong bonds in the place that we live.

The Deaf Academy has a residential provision for young people aged up to 18, and there is a Post 19 centre within walking distance that provides education and accommodation up to the age of 25. Within these three provisions, including the children’s home, we have access to joint leisure activities, outings, and clubs. This offers a broad range of extracurricular activities and time to socialise in the local vicinity.

Exmouth is a lively and pleasant seaside town that has a variety of amenities to meet the needs of its residents. It has restaurants, cafes and leisure activities, a cinema, library and a host of shops and supermarkets. All of these are within walking distance of Rolle House. There is good access to public transport and a train station that has regular trains into Exeter which is only 20 minutes away. Exeter is a large city with a university and a hub of shops and business with a host of work opportunities.

This is a great location for our young people to navigate the daily experience that is typical when growing up and becoming independent. This can be done within an interwoven community that offers a solid support network for our young people, setting them up for their independent futures where they become happy and confident adults.