Our Vision

Our vision is to make sure all students become successful adults in their future.  

Their curriculum journey will explore their career aspirations.  

We aspire for all our students to:  

  • Know their strengths, skills and qualities and are curious about their careers.  
  • Explore possible options and pathways to make informed choices.  
  • Take opportunities and make the best of them.  
  • Be confident and positive about their future prospects, have self-belief and are able to promote themselves to others.  
  • Move on to successful and fulfilling lives beyond the academy.  
  • Improve social mobility (Increase deaf employment) and outcomes of our students. 

Our Strategy

To deliver high quality Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) to meet the needs of every student and use the Gatsby benchmarks for CEIAG.  

Students will have access to a qualified independent careers advisor who guides the students to make informed decisions for the future.  

Vikki Wood is our independent careers advisor from Careers Soth West.  Vikki has a background in SEN and she also has BSL Level 2 which allows her to communicate effectively with our students. 

Within our curriculum model we aim to provide the following: 

  • To promote employability skills throughout all areas of the Academy life.  
  • To engage with employers, voluntary organisations, Further Education (FE), Higher Education (HE) and Training providers. 
  • To deliver a programme of activities that inspire our students. 
  • To engage with former students and build an Academy alumnus.  

Our community and partnership manager is working closely EDOPA. 

Student gardening
Student gardening

Measures of Success

To measure success we use:  

  • Student feedback – evaluation sheets to make sure that we improve our provision and maintain high levels of satisfaction and engagement. 
  • Destination Data – record and monitor destination data from our previous students to help us improve employment opportunities for students in the future.  

The Gatsby Benchmark  

We use the eight benchmarks to ensure that we encompass all aspects of career guidance and do regular health checks of our curriculum design to ensure we provide a high-quality provision.