Yesterday a batch of huge pallets was delivered to the Academy, donated very generously by shipping company Stan Robinson Ltd.

The pallets will be used to craft our new shelter for the Tanglewood Project Outdoor Education to use with our students!


The students have looked at lots of different shelter designs, and opted for a ‘geodesic’ design, composed of hexagonal shapes made of pallet wood. You can see an example in our gallery below. These dome shaped structures are very strong, and able to withstand the natural elements. They also look spectacular!

Outdoor education teacher Nick Mussell said;

‘We haven’t built anything like this before so it will be a learning curve! The young people will be learning about different shapes as we build the shelter.’

This new shelter will be a vital part of our outdoor educations sessions – every session starts inside the shelter with the students sawing and chopping wood, building and lighting the fire ready for the kettle for hot drinks and toast.