On 22 June School students headed to the Matford Centre in Exeter to attend the Devon Police and Crime Commissioner’s team’s Blue Light Day.

Blue Light Day is an event where all emergency services come together to meet young people. The day aims to break down barriers by informing individuals about the emergency services in an interesting and interactive way. This can help them to be more confident and independent in the community. 

Other service providers were also there to talk about what they do such as health and wellbeing, NHS and local community action groups. The theme of the day was BASH – ‘Be Active, Be Safe, Be Healthy’. The trip supported the work students have completed during the academic year in Citizenship and PSD (Personal and Social Development).

Positive Engagement Officer Devina said:

‘The students fed back how much they enjoyed the day, and could recall lots of things they learnt. The day gave them a greater understanding of the work of different emergency services and provided them with the skills and knowledge they need to keep themselves safe.’ 

Sergeant Sally Kingdon from Devon and Cornwall Police said: ‘The Blue Light Day is important for so many reasons. It gives Deaf young people the opportunity to meet Devon’s’ emergency services. Additionally, it provides an opportunity for them to say what they think about the services provided and identify ways they may be improved.’

Students met with representatives from Emergency Services including the police, fire brigade, RNLI and ambulance service. They explored the inside of a fire engine and police car, watched a fascinating demonstration of a fire being safely extinguished, and learned about cycle safety amongst a whole host of other activities. Devina said:

‘I was very proud of the students and their attitude on the day; once again they did the academy proud and approached it all with positive attitude. They had the confidence to approach the emergency services professionals to ask questions and interacted with the other visitors really respectfully.’