Academy Life

Academy Life: Our young people have the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of activities beyond their core curriculum here at the Deaf Academy. We have a great Deaf community, with evening and weekend social activities helping to develop sign language and communication skills.

Students can take part in enrichment and after-school activities such as football training skills, Tae Kwon Do, arts and crafts, and drama with local group PaddleBoat Theatre.

Students can also choose to get involved with the Student Council, which meets regularly to discuss current issues.

Our post-16 students are encouraged to be independent and choose the enrichment activities that they like; this includes going to the gym, taking driving lessons, and Life Skills activities such as First Aid, Food Hygiene, Cycling Proficiency, cooking on a limited budget, cooking around the world, and even essential skills such as washing and ironing to prepare them for adulthood and living independently.

And all of this happens in beautiful Devon, with access to vibrant cities, leisure and activity opportunities in the rolling countryside, and some of the world’s best beaches.

We will regularly post updates about special events and activities our students get involved in.  You can find out the latest on our news page. 



My son used to be afraid for the future and didn’t know what to do with his life, or what was on offer to a Deaf person. Since attending the Academy he now has an active life and is confident, happy and enthusiastic about the future.