On Friday 22 September we held the hustings for our Academy Council Chair elections. We have combined our School and College Councils into one Academy-wide council, and we are voting for one student to act as the Chair to head the council.

Alex L, Hayden, Molly and Matthew all stood up and told a group of School students why they would like to be the Chair and what skills they will bring to the role. Alex B also ran for election but wasn’t able to attend the hustings, so some of the staff spoke for him.

The School then had the opportunity to ask questions of the students standing for election. These ranged from ‘what do you hope to achieve’ to ‘can you make the football goalposts bigger’!

After the hustings, the first group of students cast their vote. The hustings were videoed, and the rest of the Academy will be watching the video of the speeches and voting this week. Watch this space for the election results!